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Образование в Ирландии: Мастер в "IT in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction".

Уважаемые господа читатели данного ресурса,
Для вас или ваших детей, кому интересна тема получения высшего образования уровня Магистратуры в университете города Корк, Ирландия, предоставляется следующая информация.
На русский я её не перевожу, так как подразумевается что потенциальные желающие в состоянии понять написанное без особых усилий. Однако при необходомости вы сможете получить дополнительную информацию на русском, украинском, немецком или английском языках, просто связавшись с нами. Вся информация и контакты на нашей страничке:
Также гарантируется языковая и иная поддержка в ходе обучения.
Narratives for MEngSc IT in AEC (CKR29)
The business of the Built Environment is changing rapidly. Engineering firms, construction and FM-companies based in Ireland and elsewhere are embracing this change and moving towards the new digital age where; innovation, flexibility and IT for Design, Manufacturing, and Operation of buildings is critical. The MEngSc IT in AEC delivers that skillset of both; technical knowledge in the digitisation of the construction process and building operations as well as an understanding of the latest advancements in technology.
We have evidence that our post graduate course is by far the best in Ireland; the lectures are excellent, you can tailor the modules to your interests and most importantly you can use what you have learned on a daily basis, helping your or your employer’s business to become more efficient and differentiating yourselves from your competitors. Join us to become an entrepreneur or innovator.
Green & Blue Economies
Program CKR 29 offers an excellent mix of modules studying green technologies in buildings, their impact on the environment but also on the sustainable operation of built artefacts. Students develop their own Energy Simulation Models to understand how to design innovative energy systems in buildings or how to renovate them. Secondly, students learn how to calibrate such simulation models using a variety of monitoring data from wireless systems. Additionally, students study the latest trends in integrated building automation and control systems. Last but not least students learn how to manage and analyse Big Data – compiled from thousands of devices installed in buildings and “telling us” who buildings perform and their tenants behave.
Finally, students study the broad spectrum of innovative business models available to operate green buildings. Best of all, through UCC’s mechanism of “Adjunct Appointments” students have multiple opportunities to engage with industry experts, ranging from CEOs of multi-national companies to top-class researchers from IBM’s Smarter Cities Research Lab in Dublin.
Health in Mind & Body
The module Building Diagnostics (CE6019) being part of the MEngSc IT in AEC aims to deliver in a sharp and focused way the knowledge on how to optimally generate healthy conditions for building occupants – thermally, visually and acoustically. Starting with a short and focused introduction to the major principles in Building Physics and User Comfort  we progress with lectures about available wireless sensing and metering technologies and the “Three W”, i.e. Why, Where and hoW to install monitoring systems. The course finishes with seminars introducing students to data analysis using MatLab.
In one sentence, students learn how to avoid the sick building syndrome and many other “unhealthy” conditions for the mind and the body of its occupants.
Global Citizenship
ANYWHERE – ANYTIME: Our programme is tailored for Engineers who are keen to address the challenges of a global society. You can enrol either full-time or part-time – addressing the current workload in your job. Students can attend and engage with live lectures from any place in the world, since we broadcast most of them. You can revisit each lecture and seminar since we record them. All software and data is installed in UCC’s Labs – but you can also install them on your own laptop *).
Our graduates confirm that the delivery of modules and the live interaction between the classroom and remote students was outstanding, along with the one to one support staff engagement to keep all students on track. Graduates from Ireland, the EU, the USA, China, the Middle East and Africa confirm that this course really benefited their career and has opened up their horizons and ability to introduce modern technological advancements into construction and facility management projects.
Last but not least, our programme is accredited by Engineers Ireland and through their membership in EURACE and the Washington Accord recognised in more than 26 countries worldwide, from Canada and the USA down to Australia, from Russia and China down to South Africa!

По окончанию данного курса студент получает диплом международного образца признаваемый в более чем 20-ти ведущиих стран Мира.

Из моих предидущих постов можно подчерпнуть немного более детальную информацию о нашей программе, скажу только что мы вновь получили награду за лучший курс года 2016 в Ирландии, чего и вам желаем ;)
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